Why This? Why Now?


Never before has adaptability been more crucial for speakers and entrepreneurs who are working hard to make their businesses successful. Your goals and dreams likely haven’t changed much, but how you get there will look different than you planned even a year ago. How and when you adapt will also look different next year than it does today. So how do you strategically and thoughtfully reinvent yourself to keep up with a world that has been forever changed?

Join us at the Adapt Your Impact 2020 Virtual Experience to explore how you can grow and improve your business while maintaining your integrity and focus.









Adapt Your Impact – The Focus

Virtual Experience

November 9-11, 2020

For speakers and entrepreneurs

At the Public Speakers Association our mission is as much about supporting entrepreneurs as speakers. As a professional speaker, you are both. As an entrepreneur, growing as a speaker benefits your business. 

100% virtual, 0% boring        

No one wants to spend an hour, much less three days, watching a talking head drone on and on and on… Sessions are 30 and 45 minutes–long enough for substance, short enough to trim out the junk. We’ll have emcees to facilitate attendee conversations, as well as a variety of activities to keep your mind active and engaged. 


We’re all in this together, folks! PSA is a community of pros who care about providing value to each other and everyone they encounter. Instead of focusing on “what’s in it for me?”, we’d rather think about how we can contribute to your success. Connect with fellow attendees, PSA members, and speakers throughout the three days of the event. Come join the movement to “Change the World From the Front of the Room!”™. 


Adapt Your Impact – The Agenda

Virtual Experience

November 9-11, 2020

Day 1: Insight

There is value and success in where you are now. You’ve worked your butt off to get this far, so let’s talk about where you go from here and how to get to your ideal situation. On Day 1, we’ll focus on how to cultivate maximum success by assessing your environment and shifting perspectives. This is the day of Insight!


Day 2: Magic

In so many respects, you have what you need to attain your goals. Let’s pull back the curtains on tricks and tools of the trade that drive results. We want you to get there faster and more efficiently while keeping your dreams intact. Day 2 sessions will show you how to incorporate current and emerging tactics in your business. This is the day of Magic!


Day 3: Action

Let’s get past the metaphors and hyperbole and get it done! Day 3 is all about the hands-on details to take the Insight and Magic from days 1 & 2 and put them to work for you.  This is the day of Action!